What is the greatest gift you have ever received?

Written by Andrew_McFarlane

What is the greatest gift you have been given in your life?

I want you to take a moment and think about it?

Over the past number of weeks I have been interviewing many people and asking them this very question.

Many people take time to consider this question and even hold back tears when they think about the profoundness of their answer.In listening to the many answers that I have heard, one thing has become clear. ..

Not a single person mentioned a material object.

No one said that the watch their grandfather gave them on their birthday or that laptop they got at Christmas was the greatest gift they ever received.
In these answers I heard a theme and that theme was consistent. Over and over again people spoke about the experiences they had.

They talked about the power and the feeling they got from someone believing in them.

They spoke about the overwhelming love of their parents and how amazing it felt to be allowed to take their own path.

In some ways these kinds of answers can be expected when considering this kind of questions.

But I find that it is important to emphasize because all too often we forget that the greatest gift we can give people is not, and will never be material. The greatest gifts we can give and receive are, and will always be qualitative.

Hopefully reflecting on this will encourage us to show up for one another in more of a real and meaningful way.

I hope that the truth of this will inspire us to give one another these kinds of experiences more and more.

To give our time, or ear our heart.

Stop buying people stuff, start giving people experiences that change them in a real way.


What is the greatest gift you have ever been given?

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