Stop Protesting – You Are Wasting Your Time.

Written by Andrew_McFarlane

I am here to tell you, that if you are protesting, you are probably wasting your time.

If you are on the front lines of a march against the many injustices that we face in this world, I completely understand where you are coming from.

If you share a post every time you read about something crazy that some political personality said that was either racist, sexist, homophobic or the like,…I want to ask to just stop sharing these things.

I say this with a deep level of understanding, trust me, I used to be you.

I used to get angry when I heard about the many insanities of this world. ( as we all know, they can be countless)

Somehow on my journey, I had a realization that I want to share with you because you may be missing one seemingly small but very important element.

I get that you’re mad, you’re hurt and you’re possibly very scared. I completely get it.

It is easy to revert to yelling and screaming about everything that is wrong with this world. We all have a laundry list.

The thing that most of those who are protesting are missing is, yelling and screaming and marching about what you don’t want and what is wrong with the world, will not likely create what you actually want in the world.

So how do we fix this overly messed up situation?

One of the best ways I can explain this is with an analogy.

In our bodies, most of us have the basic understanding that the symptoms of illness and  the causes of illness are two different things.

If you have the flu, this is a symptom and what caused you to have the flu is a completely different thing.

So while yes, you have to deal with your flu-like symptoms. It is also important that you get to the root of the issue, so as to not have a recurring illness.

What we are seeing is in many ways unique, but most of it looks like a broken record on repeat. Humanity has had the flu and it keeps addressing the flu like it’s the cause and we are not getting anywhere.

Something happens that we don’t want, so we get mad. We scream, we yell, we march…Some people go to jail, the news talks about it for a while, then eventually people have to go back to their jobs  and at the end of the day…nothing really changes.

Why is that?

Is it possibly because our whole approach is flawed and ineffective?

Is it potentially ineffective because we actually keep dealing with the symptoms and are fundamentally unaware of the cause?

When we realize that everything we are experiencing in this world at this very moment is a by-product of humanities current state of evolution. Our love, our joy, our hate, our greed creates the world we see today.

At the root, we are actually feeling disconnected from one another, our environment, and ourselves and we must seek to repair this fundamental issue.

Why do we feel so disconnected?

Partially because of all of these personal identities we hold. We have identities that include one segment of the population, but inherently exclude the rest.

Black, White, Mexican, Rich, Poor, Gay, Straight.

All of these identities are actually the first cause of violence.

If you are Black or White or Mexican before you are human, then there is going to be some issues.

If you are a democrat or republican or even an American, before you are human, there are going to be some problems.

When we exclude, we go from being “us,” to creating a “them.”

As long as there is a them, we will seek to preserve and act on behalf of what is good for us.

This is the root of the issue.

So how do we fix it?

We must start by realizing where we are excluding people. This even means the people that are oppressing you. Are you saying that these people are not like you? Have “They” become “Them”

We must realize that they are our family, and they are suffering from a spiritual illness, (which is actually the same illness of not feeling connected)

Now, I know this may sound crazy to some people.

Some of you may be feeling like it is impossible or not reasonable to be peaceful and compassionate and feel connected to someone who may be yelling racial  slurs or making sexist remarks about  you.

How are we supposed to love someone in a situation like that?

From understanding they are ill.

Hurt people hurt people.

No one that feels connected lashes out like this…

Until you have this deep understanding in your being, we will never outgrow this predicament.

We will just react with anger and hurt and the “other side” will do the same, and we will keep passing this ball of hurt back and forth perpetually in this game of life.

There will always be two sides and both will believe they are right and justified.

Now let me address the next most obvious question…

How are we supposed to act in the face of this madness?

Are we just supposed to sit down and let this all happen while we lovingly sit on the sidelines?

No, of course not!

No, we by no means stand around and just watch the world burn.

We must be the solution to create the solution.

We can not go to war for peace.

The only way to create peace is to be peaceful.

…and peace is not a state of doing nothing. That’s called apathy, which many of us have.

Peace is dynamic. It expresses its presence quite powerfully in situations that are chaotic.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and so many others were dynamic warriors of peace.

The world we live in today is a by-product of so many of these individuals’ stance in peace and love.

The only way to create the world that works for everyone is to genuinely start thinking about everyone as your family and acting in accordance with this new understanding.

People have this misconception, that to love someone means you just allow them to do whatever they want, and you do not share your perspective, or you do not do what is necessary to maintain balance.

No. This is not what love is.

Your parents loved you.

But they did not agree with everything that you did and I am sure they were very vocal about it and may have even taken drastic measures to ensure that you knew how they felt.

Yet, they still loved you.

So even though in our families, we have disagreements and different philosophies, we never question our fundamental connection and foundation of love.

We need to get to this place with our fellow humans. Yes, even the ones who are doing unthinkable things.

To realize and experience this fundamental connection and desire to understand and heal one another.

Not buying into stories that we are different and that there are evil people out there.

With that,  if you are just screaming and shouting about what doesn’t work, I invite you to start putting your energy into what you would like to see in this world.

As Gandhi so famously and pointedly said, “Be the change you want to see in this world.”

Give Love,

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