The Give Love Project

Our mission is to shift the cultural relationship that we have with giving. We believe that it is time to outgrow an experience of giving
that involves feelings of obligation, expectation, and fear or false senses of righteousness. We believe that giving should be fun,
genuine, and deeply fulfilling. In order for this to transpire, every individual must connect with themselves and to their authentic
expression of what they are called to give moment to moment.

If You could only write one letter
to humanity, what would it be?

Founded by Andrew McFarlane, a social entrepreneur, The Give Love Project was born from the lack of fulfillment and inspiration he experienced through the socially agreed upon rituals of giving. This sparked an internal inquiry and, after many years of contemplation, The Give Love Project was born. The Give Love Project is here to address and open the dialogue to this human predicament, as well as to be a living embodiment of the next stage in our evolution of giving.

How can you get involved? By purchasing a giving chain or pouch and then writing a letter of your vision for humanity and placing it inside. This letter could also be in the form of something you feel called to personally share that you feel those who read will benefit from. Then, when someone asks about the chain, tell them about why you are inspired by this movement and give them the chain to keep, to read, and to share with the next person.

We are currently running our kickstarter campaign, and you can further support the cause here: