Intentional Sharing of Time and Energy

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When we hang out with someone, have we set an intention?

An intention is not an agenda. An intention is something that helps guide your words and actions in a good direction.

For instance, if you set an intention before going to work that you are going to provide humble and kind service, you are more likely to have a positive experience. If we set an intention before we get out of bed that we will have many loving interactions, we are also more likely to have a positive day.

However, if we do not have an intention, we may become a by standard of what comes at us and are subject to the winds of changing emotions in our environment.

When we hang out with our friends with an intention to be there for them, it will direct our conversations in a healing manner. If we just mindlessly hangout, we are liable to fall into trouble or just waste time. Try sharing your time and energy with an intention that is compassionate and loving and see how much more enjoyable it is.

Let’s take this one step further.

If we share our time and energy with intention, it might actually change some of the things we are doing. If our intention is to always be kind and helpful in some way, we may find that certain activities don’t fulfill us as much as others. Take video games for instance, while they can be a way to destress after a long day, perhaps we will find more satisfaction from having a good conversation with an old friend or helping our neighbor declutter their garage.

The positive feeling we get after an activity of giving is usually longer lasting than something that doesn’t directly help someone else. Undeniably, certain activities don’t really add positively to anyone’s lives and we can find ways to share our time and energy that provide us with more lasting satisfaction.

When we learn to stop following what most people do and live with intention, we can begin to share and give positive energy during all parts of our day. When we begin a new task or meeting, we can set an intention that is positive and heartfelt, not just self gratifying. This type of thinking helps us build positive self esteem and heal our own self image. Also taking the focus off of ourselves and thinking about how to help others, can help keep us from feeling like a victim or having a woe-is-me mentality.

So the next time you are going to hangout with friends, maybe think of something that will be enriching and fulfilling. Instead of watching a violent film for instance, maybe choose something up-lifting. Instead of ordering pizza, maybe choose a healthier option. There are many ways to share your time and energy with intention that will not be offensive. Often people can kind of get out of touch with reality when they realize how fun intentional sharing is and they can lose people along the way.

We have to be mindful that when we begin to live intentionally, it can be a little intense for people so we need to not go too overboard. We can’t change other people’s lives or keep them from going through life learning lessons but we can accept, allow and maintain a positive attitude, thereby leading an example for them.

Sharing positive energy is a way of giving that is very healing for us. It can allow every moment to be inspiring and full of love no matter where we are. Say for instance that you have to visit a relative that gets on your nerves. Instead of focusing on how that person bothers you, why not shift your intention to be there for them? We can often overcome our differences with people by shifting our own intention.

Giving positive energy through our intention can also help us to enjoy every interaction we have. It brings up the energy wherever we go because we see it as an opportunity to kind of spread magic. This is a humble way of living that allows us to overcome the boundaries constructed between each other in our minds. As we connect to a heart based intention, we are able to empathize with others and see our commonalities. As we give in new ways, we can enrich all of our relationships, deepen them and find new ones with people we may not have interacted with or seen common ground with prior to the shift in our thinking.

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