New Ways To Give That Heal You

Giving Good Vibes Heals You.
If you really want to increase the quality of your life and relationships, give good vibes. It will change your experiences and help you expect positive things to happen in your future. Instead of worrying, you will look forward to things.


The Butterfly Effect of Giving:

Now we are going to get technical and “sciency” on you. Don’t worry, this will be incredibly interesting and life altering.
Are you ready for that?
Seriously, what if this article changed your entire life perspective and you were suddenly inspired and able to connect to a deep well of happiness that you previously did not know existed?


Intentional Sharing of Time and Energy

When we hang out with someone, have we set an intention?
An intention is not an agenda. An intention is something that helps guide your words and actions in a good direction.
For instance, if you set an intention before going to work that you are going to provide humble and kind service, you are more likely to have a positive experience. If we set an intention before we get out of bed that we will have many loving interactions, we are also more likely to have a positive day.