Author: Shannon Yrizarry

A Company Structured Around Giving

A Company Structured Around Giving “We only have what we give.” -Isabel Allende Bloom and Give is a new company based out of Texas. This company donates at least 50% of their proceeds to education for young girls in India. Each purchase sends a girl to school for a whole year! Bloom and Give sells […]


The Science Of Giving

You want to know something cool?
By giving, you can heal faster emotionally and physically.
A study found that recovering alcoholics who helped others were twice as likely to be sober in a year than people who didn’t and they were less depressed. This study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, followed participants….


The Butterfly Effect of Giving:

Now we are going to get technical and “sciency” on you. Don’t worry, this will be incredibly interesting and life altering.
Are you ready for that?
Seriously, what if this article changed your entire life perspective and you were suddenly inspired and able to connect to a deep well of happiness that you previously did not know existed?


New Ways To Give That Heal You

Giving Good Vibes Heals You.
If you really want to increase the quality of your life and relationships, give good vibes. It will change your experiences and help you expect positive things to happen in your future. Instead of worrying, you will look forward to things.


Raising Givers and Receivers: Parenting in a New Paradigm

What is it that influences the way we raise our children the most?

We look to our friends, parenting magazines and how our own parents raised us. There are many blogs about parenting and classes as well. We want to bring up something that goes deeper than some of the more common decisions we make when parenting. Every parent will decide where to send their kid to school and what type of food is best for the child, but we want to talk about teaching our children emotional skills that will empower them to live a truly happy life.