A Company Structured Around Giving

Written by Shannon Yrizarry

A Company Structured Around Giving

“We only have what we give.” -Isabel Allende

Bloom and Give is a new company based out of Texas. This company donates at least 50% of their proceeds to education for young girls in India. Each purchase sends a girl to school for a whole year! Bloom and Give sells bags, scarves, napkins and is soon launching a jewelry line. They are a conscious company setting an example for a healthy paradigm of giving.

The founders, Partha and Mandu, personally visit rural schools in India to see exactly where their funds are going and make sure they are being used appropriately. They only planned on giving 50% of proceeds to their cause in 2015 but they went ahead and gave 100%. They met the students, teachers and administrators to talk to them about their needs and see where they can help.

In Rajasthan India, the school is run on a budget of just a few cents per student per day. The contributions of Bloom and Give will literally create opportunities for women to become leaders in their community. There are three million girls in India out of school. If they do go to school, on average they will have two less children and marry four years later. This schooling also gives girls the opportunity to double their income.

The company is deeply committed to their cause in India. Even their designers are master artisans from Rajasthan and Haryana. The bags are hand stamped and hand stitched. Artisan made products are helping the community flourish.

Their ambassadors around the United States are fired up about the way Bloom and Give has structured their business model around giving. Challenges they have hosted on Instagram support this giving culture they are creating. Their first challenge was a meditation challenge and the second one was an affirmation challenge. They have teamed up with yoga teachers that are committed to leading an example of gratitude and giving love. The messages they are spreading are grounded and humble. This company is all about giving love. Even their name shows what they stand for.

The Give Love Project is committed to bringing light to people and companies like Bloom and Give. The emerging paradigm of sharing, connecting and loving one another through all of our actions. From each purchase we make to every post we share.

The next time you’re looking to buy a gift for a female, consider their beautiful products. Imagine when your friend wears their product and is complimented on it. She can then share the incredibly inspiring story of Bloom and Give. One of our favorite products is the Maya Hamsa Tote in original tan (featured below). It’s durable and is great for students carrying a laptop or working professionals.

Check out their website and support this brand! www.BloomandGive.com

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